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AI is so last year because JI - Jingle Intelligence

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Jingles can be a great way to have a ‘theme tune’ for your show, competition, promo or commercial. Unfortunately they can also end up sounding a bit lame. If you want a jingle that mimics actual hit songs then sorry to be the bearer but unless you hire an expensive jingle house, chances are your Post Malone soundalike will be more Bumflower than Sunflower. So instead of trying to faithfully reproduce a top 40 tune here’s an angle that you might not have considered – intelligent jingles capable of talking back. They're.... they're alive. Here's a few I made for Nova to play in Summer.

Surprise the audience by taking something they’re expecting to be pre-recorded and transform it into a ditty that's not only catchy but also able to hold a conversation.

Without going off on too much of a tangent here, the most memorable aspect of a piece of content is called it’s 'defining characteristic’, which basically means the thing that people remember most about it. A simple example from everyday life would be someone who has lovely red hair in which case being a red head is probably their defining characteristic. So unless you’re going for an expensive jingle house production that’s slick as heck, you might want to consider ‘humour’ as the defining characteristic of your jingle and therefore what it will be remembered for. Because no-one wants the audience's lasting impression of their jingle to be ‘half-assed pop song knock off’.

Here's another audio example. In this promo we're told the breakfast show plans to give away prizes on their last day before holidays, but clearly the jingle didn't get the memo.

As content creators we should always be looking for opportunities to make our work cut through and surprise the audience. So if you want your jingle to make people sit up and take notice, either get me to sing it without using Autotune because people will really notice that, or do it in a less disturbing way by trying this unexpected and entertaining approach.

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