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The 3 Best Ways To Betray Post Malone And Increase Your Audience

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Like a lamb to the slaughter, Post Malone steps up to the microphone in your studio and records something like the following sentence - 'Hi this is Post Malone and this is my new single on Zap FM."

Does he not realise the grave error he has just made? Maybe not, but you should. Because you can take that generic ID and warp it into something that he never would've imagined. In fact, not just Post but anyone famous enough to be on your audience's radar is fair game. Read on to find out some of my favourite ways to creatively abuse artist's IDs and their songs.


What is your audience talking about this week? The most sure fire way to get them to listen to what you have to say is by joining the conversation that they've already started. Using topicality can transform regular content into something more exciting and, for want of a better word, 'alive'. For your audience, one well executed topical sweeper is as memorable as a killer break by your breakfast team. And being memorable is the only thing that matters for ratings results. Check out these examples of sweeps covering topics like school returning, Australia Day, and the festive season, all of which are based on plain old artist IDs.


Use the star power of your music artists to push a competition you're running, particularly if the competition involves some sort of song or music mechanic. In the example below I put Justin Bieber's song 'Ten Thousand Hours' into a promo for 'Ten in a Row or 10K'. One of the first things I do when packaging something is to do a keyword search through the station's music library to see if there are any songs titles which could be useful. 'Ten thousand' was the exact amount of cash being given away in Nova's Ten in a Row or 10K. Of course it also had to be by a relevant artist that we play, and because it was by Beebs it was too perfect to pass up.

Generally in radio you should always be looking to reinforce your station's music format through your production anyway, so the Bieber scenario ticks all the boxes by using one of the biggest songs of the moment, yet it still manages to keep the message clear.


All the reasons for using Artist IDs and music in competition promos goes double for product sweeps. When you reference one of your core artists in something that sells your music strategy it just plugs into the station beautifully. There can be no greater level of integration. It builds your music brand and gives people a laugh at the same time. Imagine these sweeps playing over the intros of the relevant artist's songs and you'll get the idea.

In some ways the audio examples I've included here would be considered a bit too left field for some commercial radio stations, but because they use IDs from core music artists they really do sound at home when heard on air. So next time you're going through your artist ID collection or perusing songs in the music library have a think about what you could do with them that's a bit out of the box, because using artist star power in your work can really make people sit up and listen. Especially Post Malone when he hears what you've done to his innocent little station ID!

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