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Nek minute nek emergency

You’ve been asked to put together a bunch of scripts promoting a new feature called ‘Friday Feels’. Easy. Sounds like fun actually. Oh, just one more thing – it’s currently Thursday afternoon.

First things first – don’t panic. I find that if I'm stressed out I don’t think straight and my work takes twice as long to complete. In any case I’ve got a method to create some useful scripts pronto.

In my writing guide I explain a method of finding building blocks for jokes by using tables like the one above. In this simplified version, I’ve listed words and phrases relating to Friday on the left. In the middle column I’ve listed things which are similar and the third column has stuff that's the opposite of the similar phrases. For example, I’ve started with Friyay which is a nickname for Friday. Then I’ve wondered, what if other days had similar nicknames? What would those be? So I’ve listed a few in the ‘similar’ column. I really like the look of Tuesday Booze-day. It rhymes, it’s funny, it’s ticking all the boxes. So here goes….


V/O : Loving the music and feeling good with Nova’s Friday Feels. It reminds me of that other well known day Tuesday Booze-Day, am I right?.... No? That one’s just me?

Here are some other scripts for Friday Feels. If you refer back to the table you can see which phrases I've made use of.


V/O : Nova’s Friday Feels. Helping you get through a hard day of waiting eight hours to go home. Just kidding, I know you don’t just bludge for eight hours. It’s only seven hours if you sneak out early.


V/O : Turning your workplace into your happy place. Nova’s Friday Feels.


V/O : TGIF, thank god it’s Friday. (SFX – PAPER RUSTLE) Oh, is that what TGIF stands for? I thought it stood for Talking Gossiping Instagram Facebook because that’s what everyone usually does at work on Fridays instead of actual work.


FEMALE : Boss I’m not sure that having Casual Fridays has been a good move for our company.

BOSS : Well if you’ve got a better idea about how to boost morale here at our beekeeping business I’d like to hear it.


V/O : A better way to keep everyone buzzing at work is with the cool tunes in Nova’s Friday Feels

For this final script I used the ‘freedom’ & ‘taking away our freedom’ phrases. I remembered an iconic line from the famous Mel Gibson movie Braveheart where he screams something about freedom, so I included it.


V/O : On Friday and you and your workmates be talking bout the bosses like...


V/O : Nova’s Friday Feels.

With a few creative scripts ready for production and still more unused thought starters left on the table, that tight turnaround is starting to feel looser than Friday drinks with work pals.

Next time a deadline looms, you could do worse than attempting the process we’ve just explored. Filling out a table is a good way to get lots of angles because it forces your thoughts down definite pathways rather than just flitting about from one random thought to another. If you'd like a more in depth look at this and many other useful writing strategies then feel free to check out the ebook.

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