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Knife Wielding Maniacs Are My Spirit Animal

Here's another blog post about writing snappy stuff for radio, podcasts, social posts or anything else.

It's been a while. Like, a long while. So Merry Christmas, happy new year and I hope a lot of cool stuff happened to you in 2021. Maybe some uncool stuff happened too but let's not let that get in the way of a positive vibe! I always find the best way to write funny stuff is to go in with a light mood and a heavy coffee.

There's this thing in movies called the 'reveal shot'. Picture a person on screen holding a knife threateningly. As the camera pans out you're expecting to see a person cowering from the knife wielding maniac, only to see a birthday cake ready to be sliced up. This is the idea that we're going to carry through to our scripts. Call it THE BIG REVEAL, call it THE OLE SWITCHEROO, call it SOME STUFF I LEARNED FROM A BLOG, up to you.

Check out this starting line....

This winter stay warm by having special cuddles in bed.

Firstly, I write stuff for Cumulus stations in the USA, hence the Winter references while you sit there in a pool of Aussie sweat. Secondly, turn on your air con dude, ffs. Thirdly, back to the script - the mental picture here is that of cuddling in a cosy warm bed at home. But when the camera pans out for the 'big reveal' we want a different scene. Go on, pan out with your imagination. This is what I see.....

This winter stay warm by having special cuddles bed. Although that’s how I got banned from Bed Bath & Beyond. Winter rocks on 93X

The Bed Bath & Beyond reference would change to Forty Winks for Australia, or the bedding store of your choice. So... that second line in the scripts is the big reveal, the reveal changes everything you knew about the first line. And yes as you might have noticed, it's otherwise known as a punchline. Don't put pressure on yourself to think of it as a punchline though. The main thing is - just start off with a completely straight line and THEN start thinking funny on the reveal. Don't rush it. Here's another example along a similar winter theme.

In Winter there’s nothing better than relaxing with a beer in front of a warm fire.. And that’s why I’m no longer a fireman. Winter rocks on 93X.

STUFF THIS OBSCURE WINTER GEAR BEN, WHAT ABOUT THE WORKDAY??? No probs, we can look at the workday. Check out this first line....

93X rocks the most boring part of your workday.

The most boring part? Hmmm. Are we picturing a boring meeting, or perhaps filling out a spreadsheet?? Labelling items on a shelf? Holding a stop sign?

93X rocks the most boring part of your workday – you know, the part between when you get there and when you leave.


..... No YOU'RE cynical.

Now do me a favour and picture your face. Now pan the camera out for a wider shot to reveal you holding two thumbs up. Niiiice. Talk soon my fam. Stay frosty.


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