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How To Easily Make Fun Radio Promos And Get Your Pants Torn By Taylor Swift

We'll get to Tay Tay soon but first things first - you guys know what a g string is right? Chances are you immediately thought of skimpy underwear. But a g string is also the fourth string on a guitar, so named because it plays the note G. That type of g string is not usable as underwear although the amount of butt coverage would be similar. While we're on the subject of butts, the word butt can refer to a cigarette butt or something Nicki Minaj likes to shake in her videos.

Welcome to the wonderful world of words and phrases with multiple meanings. It's one of my favourite tools for creating jokes for scripts because it's relatively easy. As an example, let's take the double meaning of the word butt and create a little radio sweeper out of it.

This would be great to go into the start of a Post song or to use at the beginning of a 'fresh hits and throwbacks' product promo. I seem to be referencing Post Malone a lot in scripts lately but in this instance I can't think of many other pop stars who are known for smoking!

Now, how could we forget about the g-string? Because one meaning involves guitars I've decided to use an artist who is known for playing guitar, Ed Sheeran. However it could easily have been any other guitarist provided they were a strong core artist on the radio station.

Just like the first script, this one could be used as a sweeper or the start of a promo or even an integrated song intro.

Below you'll find the audio of those scripts fully produced. You might notice differences between the scripts and the finished product. This is because I rarely record scripts verbatim. Often there is a slightly better way to word things, especially when it comes to dialogue. You only discover these improvements when you say the script out loud in the recording process. Never be blinkered by sticking to the script, the end result is almost always more natural sounding when you adjust things on the fly.

Next time you're stuck with a blank page, go ahead and start listing words and phrases with two meanings. Then go through the list and identify those with slightly edgy or potentially shocking meanings, such as the examples I've used above. These are the easiest ones to get a joke out of. On the other hand, a word like 'hit' isn't particularly edgy but it's so versatile in that it can mean a lot of different things. A popular song is a hit, a punch is a hit, people hit on each other in bars, and we can hit websites and links as in the promo audio example below. Quite a useful little word.

Words and phrases with multiple meanings are one of the many writing tools I delve into in my eBook, so check that out if you want some practical ways to inspire your writing and content creation.

And now ladies and gentlemen, as promised in the title of this article and arguably the most ambitious double meaning ever embarked upon in a promo, that of Taylor Swift and the substandard slacks.

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