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Happy New Gear!

Some new gear for the new year? I thought your severely hungover ass would never ask. Let's talk analogies.

"A good blog post should be like a woman's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

That right there was an analogy; a comparison between two things to help explain something. They're a pretty handy way to make short jokes. Let's get to making some punchy scripts with them. I'll be using real world examples written for a client in the USA.

As usual I'm coming at this from a radio imaging angle, but feel free to use this for podding or socials or any creative content. Here goes...

What's topical right now? That's pretty subjective, but let's go with a couple of things that will give the script an up to date feel without being too niche. Zoom work calls, and twenty second hand washes. Both those things are on peoples mental radars.

The first thing I do is try to think of something funny or at the very least ironic about the subject. With zoom calls, two funny things spring to mind. Number one - weird stuff happening in the background of the call while someone tries to remain professional. Number two - the idea of only having clothes on from the waist up because the camera shows people above the desk only. The no pants zoom call.

I've decided to go with the no pants zoom call. Ok, we have the funny part. Now let's combine it with a common strategic radio message - 'we play the most hits across your workday.'

To combine the no pants zoom call with the hits message we have to come up with a relationship between the two; a link. If putting on pants for the zoom meeting is pointless unless you have a crotch height camera, then what would be pointless in relation to music on a radio station? Playing songs that aren't hits would be pointless I guess. So there's an angle. Here's what that looks like in a script...

Putting on songs that aren’t hits would be like putting on pants for a zoom work meeting; a waste of time.

Side note - notice I've echoed the words 'putting on' to make the link stronger between the two parts of the sentence? See my last blog post for more about that little technique.

So now we have our analogy. It doesn't have the station branding yet. But that's not all it's missing. I don't think it's funny enough. It could be better. I'm going to finish off strong with some fun mental imagery...

Putting on songs that aren’t hits would be like putting on pants for a zoom work meeting; a waste of time.

Just don’t get up and stretch at any point ok? (SFX – PEOPLE ON CALL GASPING) Fresh FM

Ok I think I got it right there. That's a strong enough finish.

Now onto the twenty second hand wash. You know, that thing that nobody does 99 out of 100 times? Yeah, I'm onto you germ boy. So the funny part we're going to use for our script is the fact that everyone talks a big twenty second game and then goes for the towel faster than you can say 'super spreader.'

But how does not following through on something you said you'd do relate to playing hits on a radio station? Maybe certain other radio stations talk about playing more hits than your station but like the 20 second hand wash, they don't practice what they preach? Let's write that one out...

Other stations playing more hits than us is like the twenty second hand washing thing; talked about but never done. Fresh FM

There it is, using topical analogies in your scripts can be a fresh, fun way to get your message across. Thanks for sticking with me when your new years hangover feels like a Chuck Norris flying kick to the head and feel free to share this with anyone looking to go to the next level with their creative content.

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