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Top 5 radio promos that contain the word ‘bumhole’

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dammit why did I have to say there were five? Stupid clickbait title. Truth is I’ve only ever made one promo that included the word bumhole. Some might argue that one is enough. Judge for yourself because without further ado here it is.

In my eBook I cover a category of promos or pointers called Interactions. They can promote competitions, shows, music, anything you want. Essentially they are an interaction with the audience which has been isolated and turned into a recorded piece.

In radio, the term ‘winner promo’ is thrown around a lot and they are a type of Interaction promo. Usually the lucky winner screams "OH MY GOD" just as the EDM music bed kicks into top gear. They’re good, they can sound very effective, especially when the prize is huge. But what if the prize isn’t that huge? What if it’s only a couple hundred dollars as in the audio example above?

The answer lies in a tactic used by photographers whereby they accentuate the best & most impactful part of an image so that it immediately catches they eye. This also tends to make the viewer overlook any shortcomings of the image. A smiling face is altered to be brighter while a messy background is blurred out or darkened.

Same goes for the content in promos or any other content for that matter. Try to recognise the best/funniest/most entertaining part of any given content and reinforce it to make it really memorable, letting the weaker elements fade away into obscurity. Regarding my promo, I'd argue that the audio of a dude calling someone a bumhole for taking his cash is more impactful than that of the lady winning two hundred and fifty dollars, so I’ve reinforced that audio by making it into a jingle.

Producing a jingle is a pretty extreme way of trying to make something memorable. There are plenty of other techniques. For example, often producers slow down the music to a stop right before a punchline is delivered. Another way is to use effects to make a spoken line stand out. If you have a favourite way to make something the hero of a promo let me know in the comments below so we can all steal from you…uh, I mean learn from you.

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