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A COVID 19 Update From the CEO of Some Crap You Subscribed To

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hi, I'm Ben Ryan the CEO of Why Did The Chicken Cross Live To The Studio.

We were thinking of changing our name to 'Why Did the Bat Cross Live to the Studio' due to the search term 'bats' and 'bat soup' trending highly lately.

Ok enough with the inappropriateness. Here's the actual update....

After a brief trial period of fifteen years it's been decided that funny sweepers on Nova 106.9 aren't really cutting it. So is this it I hear you ask? Is this the end of Ben Ryan's reign as the clown prince of production in Brisbane? Well yes and no.

Yes you will hear less of me and my allegedly hilarious take on topical events and humankinds antics in short sweepers and 'the things between songs' - those will be more of a generic message so as to not get in the way of the music. Lord knows, people much better than me have tried to stand in the way of Taylor Swift before and come off second best so who am I to try?

But also no, because I will still be producing funny promos or 'the ads for the station' in my usual style.

Why am I I'm telling you guys this? Well potentially it could impact how many articles I publish. Less angles and crafty writing equals less content for the blog. I mean I can produce elements based on a super slick sound with the best of them, but unless you guys want an in depth analysis of how I came up with a sweeper script that says "Ten in a Row on Nova 106.9", I might not write an article about it!

None of this is necessarily bad news! I'm still in the same job at Nova 106.9 and I'm just as committed as ever to Nova's plans for global domination! This is is just a heads up in case you wonder where all the short funnies have gone. In any case I'm always coming up with creative opportunities. In fact right now I have some solid ideas to pitch on how to package breakfast show content to play across the day and I'll keep you all up to date on those developments.

But because it's pretty much inconceivable to write or post anything that doesn't reference Coronavirus in some way I've included some promos and sweepers on the topic below. I made them last week and they're possibly my last topical sweepers, so enjoy and stay safe!!


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